Let’s Work Together


Here is a sample of what past clients have said about Cruz Law, PLLC:

Great Trademark attorney!

My special thanks to Cruz Law, PLLC. Mr. Cruz did a wonderful job filing numerous trademarks for us and also assisted us in protecting previously filed trademarks. Mr. Cruz became our regular trademark attorney for the past two years when we had issues from previous attorney. Mr. Cruz is very intelligent, knowledgeable, and comprehensive attorney. We rely on Mr. Cruz on his guidance and advise. Recently, we have been advised that his firm also handles everything from forming a business, to managing lease, legal contracts and bank contracts. We will continue to rely on Cruz Law, PLLC, on all business related matters

– Trademark client, Seattle

Jason is professional, approachable, and knowledgeable

Jason Cruz recently created a partnership agreement for my partner and me. What struck me about Jason was his responsiveness and his attention to detail. My partner and I have never worked with a lawyer before and found the prospect intimidating.

Jason was knowledgeable, good-humored, accessible, quick, explained things very well, and we found it easy to trust him to write an agreement that was fair to all parties. We look forward to working with him again in the future and would highly recommend him.

– Real estate client, Seattle

Very Knowledgable and an Excellent Communicator

Jason came into our lives via a recommendation from a mutual friend who had worked with Jason. My wife and I had been experiencing some problems with our mortgage escrow due to the careless work of the people who processed our loan.

Basically, our bank had not calculated our escrow correctly, so a shortfall occurred. They then used the wrong property tax information to calculate the new escrow, and our monthly payment rose almost 25% to make up for the incorrectly calculated shortfall.

We laid out our situation for Jason and he really listened, asked thoughtful questions, and then advised us of our options. He told us that we had a case and then asked what we would like the end result to be. Since we felt that our bank had provided us with a defective product, we felt that they should either reimburse us for the closing costs or refinance our loan at a lower interest rate.

Warning us of the cost and time it might take to litigate, Jason encouraged us to first contact the bank and to also lodge a complaint with the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions. We did just that and later also lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

After stalling for a while, the bank has contacted us and now wants to make some sort of offer. Jason advised us to go, but cautioned us not to sign anything. We will definitely run the bank’s offer by Jason before we agree to anything.

When we’re in the market again for a house or an investment property, we will absolutely be calling on Jason Cruz to make sure that everything is in order.

– Real estate client, Seattle