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Business Formation: Laying A Strong Foundation For Your Organization’s Success

Starting a business is more than just a dream. It’s a bold step toward creating something bigger than you – something meaningful and lasting.

Partnering with the right business formation attorney can go a long way toward securing your organization’s success. I’m lawyer Jason Cruz. As an attorney with over 20 years of experience in business law, I understand the intricacies of starting a successful business or nonprofit. I can help you put into place a solid legal foundation for your enterprise.

Dedicated To Serving Startups

I recognize the passion and drive that fuel entrepreneurs and nonprofit founders. I take pride in guiding clients through the initial stages of their organization’s journey, ensuring that they are legally supported from the get-go. My clients often express their appreciation of my supportive approach. I’m proud to have earned numerous 5-star reviews.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch your startup, branching off to form a new organization or starting a nonprofit, I can help you lay solid groundwork for success and growth.

Key Elements Of Business Formation

Starting a new business or nonprofit can seem overwhelming. There are numerous steps in the process, and missteps can cause headaches and complications down the road.

I can help you with all aspects of business formation in Washington, including:

  • Choosing the right entity: From LLCs, S-corps and corporations to nonprofits, I can help you weigh the pros and cons of each to find the best fit for your vision.
  • Drafting and filing the right documents: I will ensure that all necessary paperwork is accurately completed and filed.
  • Establishing corporate governance: This critical step applies to all business organizations, not just corporations. It’s fundamental to ensuring that your organization has a transparent and effective management structure in compliance with Washington law.
  • Protecting your personal assets: Adhering to certain business formalities is crucial to protect your personal assets from business liabilities.
  • Developing rock-solid contracts: From partnership agreements to service contracts, I can help you draft the essential contracts to safeguard your business interests from day one.
  • Securing 501(c)(3) tax exemptions: For nonprofits, I navigate the complexities of obtaining tax-exempt status.
  • Protecting your intellectual property: I can help you secure trademarks and copyright protections for your brand and IP assets.

My goal is to ensure that your organization is well-positioned for success with a robust legal framework from the outset.

Ready To Launch Your Business With Confidence?

I’m passionate about helping clients turn their business vision into reality. Learn more about my services by calling 425-900-5797 or sending me an email.